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Filmmaker Testimonials

"As a filmmaker, I won't settle for a lifeless soundtrack in my work. A director should use music to improve, not distract. The audience knows when a director uses Garage Band and synth strings to make us cry, and it never works. We also know when we hear a good authentic track in a film and it brings something new to life. Courtney Leigh Heins has produced several amazing tracks for my short film and video projects since 2001. Her music has heart, is original, and creates moments. Courtney is also a professional and understands the film and tv production process and time limits. She has always supplied us with good clean tracks, splits, or timed instrumentals as needed. Listen to her music and you will find a place for it in your project or inspiration for the next." --Brian J. Kaufman, Associate Producer "The Simpsons" / Director "Evergone"

"Courtney has been great on both projects that we've worked with her. We have used her original singer/songwriter tracks and had her compose for us as well. Her music gives us a different, unique feel and always delivers. We get a lot of questions about where our music came from when we use Courtney's songs." --Eric Kaufman, Deutsch Inc. LA

"Having been a former screenwriting classmate of Courtney's, I happened to find out that she is a singer/songwriter while getting to know her in school. We kept in touch over time and later when I had completed the directorial debut of my film "Broken," I reached out to Courtney among a few other artists and asked her to prepare a song for my film. Courtney's dual artistic talents in both music and screenwriting allowed her to create a wonderful song titled "Gratitude" which not only conveyed emotional feelings of the story, but lyrically embodied the essence in such a lovely way that it fit perfectly for the scene displaying the homelessness of the main character in a broken situation. Courtney took it all in with her heart and soul when she produced the final song. I was more than pleasantly surprised at the final professional package set before me. I would not have had a complete film without the added musical touch of the beautiful miss Courtney Leigh Heins. Would I work with her again...Absolutely!" --Minh Nguyen, Director "Broken"